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Hearing- How animals hear



1. What do bats eat?

Bats eat insects most feed on flying insects like moths , mosquitoes, midges and other flies, mayflies, some beetles, caddis flies, lacewings and other nocturnal insects.

2. Where can you find them?

Bats are found almost everywhere on earth.The only places in the world you can’t find them is the Antarctic, Antarctica and a few isolated Oceanic islands.

3. Describe their anatomy.

4. Are bats endangered?

Sadly, many species around the world are vulnerable or endangered due to destruction of habitats, low food source and hunting of bats.

5. Are bats harmful to humans?

Bats can carry diseases that are deadly to other mammals.In fact bats are natural reservoirs of viruses that have some of the highest fatality rates of any viruses that people acquire from wild animals.


6. Are all bats the same size?

Bats come in all shapes, some of them are barely even perceptible as they dart here to there using the night for stealth.