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Week 22 o for /oa/ sound

Learning Intention

To revise the vowel letters and their short and long sounds.

To know the different spellings for the /oa/ sound.



Lets read these words. Notice the different spellings for the /oa/ sound.

elbow owner alone follow moan tadpole shadow rainbow

Main learning

Look at the word total.

How many vowels does it have? What are they?

Does the first vowel have a long/short sound. Blend the word out.

The word only has 1 vowel but still makes the long <o>sound.


In the word crocus there are two syllables cro/cus. The first syllable ends with a vowel (long /oa/sound) and the second syllable ends with an <s>, so the <u> makes its short vowel sound.


Look at the word ‘po/em’.
Notice that there are two vowels beside each other. Normally we would say the phrase ‘ when two vowels go walking the first does the talking


Parse the sentences. Write neatly into your literacy book.

1. They uncovered a Roman mosaic in the villa.

2. The oboe is a musical instrument.



1. They both went to the local school.

2. She folded the paper over.

3. They were hoping to find some clover.