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Week 34 Homographs and Homonyms

Learning intention

To know that homographs share the same spelling but have different meaning.



Lets look at these words. They are homophones, which comes from the Greek language, meaning ‘same sound’.


be   bee

days   daze

ewe  you   yew


Can you think of some more? Write them into your literacy look.


Main learning

As well as homophones, there are other words called ‘homographs’.

These words share the same spelling and sound but have different meanings.

e.g. fly, block, jam

Can you think of some other homographs? Write them into your literacy book.These type of homographs are known as homonyms.

Notice that as well as having different meanings many can also be different parts of speech.


Write a sentence with the words below.

swallow, pupil, bark.

Now listen to what other have written.