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Week 14 <-sion>

Learning Intentions

Revise prefixes



Look at these prefixes. In your literacy book write three words with each. Discuss how each modifies the meaning of the root word.

mid-       anti-

pre-        semi-

un-         trans-

sub-       inter-

Main Learning

Lets look back at the <-tion> spelling, which usually says /shun/ but can say /chun/ in words like ‘suggestion’ and ‘question’.


Look at this word


What sound does the <sion> make?    The /shun/ sound


What sound does the <sion> make?    The /zh/ sound


Like <-tion>, the suffix <-sion> is often added to verbs to make nouns meaning the act, state or result of doing the verb

e.g. a collision happens when two things collide


The suffix <-sion> is commonly added to verbs ending in
<s>, <se>,<d> and <de> and these letters are removed before the suffix is added.


Spelling List

Identify words with double consonants

             words with schwas

             words with long vowel sounds

            a word with a prefix

Parse this sentence

The rich landowner had recently built a huge mansion.


1. Her apprehension was causing a lot of tension.

2. They examined the wreckage after the collision.

3. “I need the exact dimensions of the room, replied the builder.