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Week 24 for /ue/

Learning intentions

To revise the five vowel letter and their short and long sounds.

To know that in some words a single vowel can also make a long sound.



Look at these words and notice the different spellings for the /ue/ and long /oo/ sounds.


blue    rescue    newt   June  useful  stew



Main learning

Although a single vowel letter usually makes a short sound, it can sometimes make a long sound.

Look at this word.      unit

How many vowels does it have?

Now split it into syllables   un/it

We can do the same with du/et, me/nu and cu/cum/ber


Write these words into your literacy book and split into syllables. The first one is an example.


du/et  emu    unique    cucumber     tulip      music  

Parse these sentences

noun  verb  adjective  adverb

1. They continuously hummed their favourite song.

2. I will cut the cucumber and put it in my sandwich.


1. “I sent an email on my new computer,Granny said proudly.

2. We found an unusual object on the beach during a litter pick.

3. The lifeguard was on duty all weekend.