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Week 1 age, ege

Learning intention:

1. To revise the spellings of the long vowel sounds, 

2. To understand how to split a word into syllables using a line.


Main learning 

What is a syllable?

We can split a written word into syllables using a line.

Try these in your literacy book.


college     wreckage

coll/ege     wreck/age

Which syllable has the stress? the first one

Often the vowel in the unstressed syllable loses its pure sound, and becomes neutral ‘schwa’.


Listen to the sound of the ‘a’ and the ‘e’ in the unstressed syllables.

What sound do these vowels make?

In this case the vowel sound is not neutral but changes to an /I/ sound.


Let’s read the spelling list.

Three of the most common <ege> words are in the list and in the sentence below.


‘It is alleged that you get privileges in college.’


You can be confident that all the other words in your list are spelt with <age>.


Spelling Sheet (a)

Copy out the syllables in each word.

Match the definitions to the words (Check using the learning app)

Spelling Sheet (b)

Write the missing letters to complete the words.

Parse the sentence

The terrible hurricane damaged the cottages and houses in the village



1. “Did you manage to cook the sausages?” asked Tom.

2. The princess arrived in a carriage for her marriage.

3. It is an advantage to speak many languages.