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Week 1 Using a dictionary

Learning Intentions

Revise putting words that start with the same letter into alphabetical order.

Use a dictionary to find the correct spelling and meaning of words.



Lets revise the alphabet using a rhyme.

a b c d e f g

h i j k l m n

o p q r s t u

v w x y z


Put these words in alphabetical order.

clock    chair    climb    chirp     chase

Main learning

What is a dictionary used to help us with?

A dictionary can be a book. We can also look up words online using our devices. The best way to spell a word correctly is to sound it out, write down and then use a dictionary to check.


Which of these words is correct for the woolly covering on a sheep or goat.

fleas      flees      fleece    fleace

Which one looks correct?

Now use your dictionary to check.

When you find the word write out it’s meaning.