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Week 17 Homophones ‘to’ ‘two’ and ‘too’

Learning Intention:
1.To refine the children’s knowledge of homophone and develop their ability to choose between similar- sounding words like ‘to’, ‘two’, and ‘too’ in their writing.

2. Revise the possessive adjectives(my,your,his/her/its, our,your,their)which describe who something belongs to.

3. To revise the concept of contractions and know that ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ are examples.

4. To correctly pronounce ‘our’ and ‘are’.



It is important to to be careful when writing homophones like ‘are’ and ‘our’, ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘ they’re’, and ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ because although they sound similar to one another the words have different spellings and meanings; if the wrong one is used, the children’s writing will not make sense.