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St Patrick's Primary School

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Chapter 5 The road to the workhouse

Learning Intentions

To engage in sustained independent reading of chapter 5.

To identify key characters and dramatise their spoken parts.

To summarise the chapter in a short paragraph.

To visualise a significant aspect of the chapter.

To compose and respond to effective questions on the text.



Use your dictionary to help understand the words below

Obviously= ______________
Sullen= _________________

Hostile= _________________________

Circumstances= __________________
Refresh= _________________________


1. What was different about Kitty O Hara?______________________

2. How did Eily feel as she passed by the cottages and cabins? ____________________

3. What did Tom Daly shout after the children? ____________________
4. What did the children compare themselves to as they hid in the bushes? __________________
5. How did Mary Kate fool the O Connell twins? ________________
6. How many nights did the children spend at Mary Kate’s house ___________________