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Week 17 -ation

Learning Intention

To know that a suffix changes or adds meaning to words.

To investigate words with the suffix <-ation>



Look at these words


option      aversion     permission     beautician    introduction   

extension    depression   musician


Write each word into your literacy book and underline the suffix.

Can you write two more words with these spellings?


These spellings usually say /shun/, but <-tion> can also say /chun/

and<-sion> can say /zhun/


Main learning

Let’s look at the suffix <-ation>, which like <-sion>,<-ssion> and <-tion> is often added to verbs to make nouns, meaning the act, state or result of doing the verb.


e.g. If a surgeon operates on a patient, s/he performs an operation.

       If you locate something, you find its location.


The most common way to spell the /shun sound is <-tion> and sometimes it is preceded by (a), saying its long vowel sound


Read through the spelling list, identify the root verbs, and note that many of these end in <-ate>.


Copy each sentence into your literacy in your best handwriting.

Underline the noun in black and put a black box around the noun phrase acting as the subject or object.


Then write out the noun phrase and simple subject/ object.


1. They always had the most interesting conversations.

    Noun phrase __________________________
      Simple object  ___________


2. The lost Arctic explorer eventually returned safely.

    Noun phrase __________________________
      Simple subject  ___________


3. Her husband’s closest relations will be arriving soon.

    Noun phrase __________________________
     Simple subject  ___________


4. The magical, mysterious magician totally amazed us.

    Noun phrase __________________________
      Simple subject  ___________


5. I did not understand his long complicated explanation.

    Noun phrase __________________________
      Simple object  ___________



1. I invited my relations to my birthday celebrations.

2. “Your operation has been postponed,” confirmed the doctor.

3. They discovered important evidence during the investigation.