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Week 27 Adverbs of Time and Frequency

Learning Intentions

To revise the types of adverbs learnt so far.

adverbs of manner (how), adverbs of degree ( how much) and adverbs of place (where).

To develop knowledge of adverbs as words which tell us more about how, where, when, how much or how often something happens.

To introduce the term `adverbs of time` and ` adverbs of frequency`.



Look at these sentences and complete

He ran ……… ( manner)

She ……….. won the dance competition. (degree)

He raced ….. ( place)





Main Learning

Look at this sentence

He skied today.


What is the verb?

What is the subject?

Does the sentence have an object? no


Therefore skied is an intransitive verb.


What type of adverb is today?

What extra information does it give us about the verb?