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Week 18 Prepositional Phrases Acting as Adverbs

Learning Intentions
To develop the children’s understanding of prepositional phrases, by introducing the idea that they can act as adverbs within a sentence.




What is a preposition? Can you give some examples?


Now let’s look at them in a phrase.



Look at this sentence


   ‘She wore a sparkling diamond ring’


Which words describe the ring? _________ ___________

‘sparkling’ is a present participle made by adding the suffix -ing to the Verb sparkle

’Diamond’ is describing how the ring is decorated.


Both words are acting as adjectives.


Look at this sentence


Sean and Collette had recently walked up the road.


Identify the verb (had walked). Is it transitive or intransitive?


Remember transitive verbs take an object, while intransitive verbs do not.


A sentence always has a subject. In this case it has Sean and Collette, therefore it has a compound subject.                    
Think about what a compound word is.

Sean and Collette had recently walked ____________.

What has been left out?                          

The prepositional phrase. ‘up the road’


Grammar sheet 18 

Identify the prepositional phrase acting as an adverb. Decide whether it says more about how, where or when the verb is happening.