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Creating a hypothesis to test in a simple experiment and create a database

Learning Intentions

LI: To be able to answer questions and create graphs from data already created.​​

LI: To work as a group to create a database and graphs of the results, deciding on the most popular answer.​


LI: To create a hypotheses before developing a database to allow us to design various graphs to prove/disprove the hypotheses. ​


Success Criteria

Main Idea


What is data? ​

Information that we can gather about a particular area/topic.​

What do we need to gather data?​

a hypothesis, a topic to discuss, questions to ask, information​

How can we record data? ​

A table, tally chat, graphs, a questionnaire​



A hypothesis

  • A hypothesis is an assumption​

  • It is an idea about how something works that can be tested using experiments. ​

  • A good hypothesis is a statement, not a question.​

  • A good hypothesis can be tested.​

  • Example: I believe that there are more boys than girls in St. Patrick's Primary Portrush.


TASK: Can you think of two more hypotheses about our school that we can test?


For anything to be proved or disproved there is a process which has to be followed:​This is THE DATA HANDLING CYCLE

Main Activity