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Week 8 Soft g for the j sound

Learning Intention

Revise the sounds with alternative spellings ai, ay and a_e

Know that when g is followed by the vowels e,i or y its sound can change to /j/.


Look at these words, say eat word blending the sounds slowly.

laid    wait   way    May   ape    ate

Main learning

Revise the ‘soft <c>’ and then introduce the ‘soft <g>’


In words where the letter <g> Is followed by the the vowels <e>, <i>, or <y>, it’s sound is usually changed from /g/ to /j/.


e.g. cabbage      giant       gymnast


Make a list of soft g words


Look at this silly sentence

The dangerous giant made large magic cabbages and oranges.


Can you make up a silly sentence from your list?


The <i> sound in orange is spelt with <a>.

What words can you find inside ‘vegetable’?

When we say the word April, we use the ‘ say it as it sounds rule’.

Spelling Sheet 8


Write these words

gem, margin, germ, giant, large, urgent

1. Oranges grow on trees.

2. Always draw a margin on your page.

3. There are large gems on the giant’s sword.