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Week 7 e_e

Learning intentions

Revise the five vowel letters and their short and long sounds.
Find the digraph <e_e> in a set of words.

To know that <e_e> are usually more complicated words than ee, or ea words.


Look at these words. Write them into your literacy book and highlight the alternative spellings for the long vowel sounds in each word.The first one is done for you


boat high hail say came sheep tea eve tie sky kite slow bone cue stew tube

🟢 Activity

🟠 Activity

Parse the sentences below

1. The athletes will compete in the morning

2. I accidentally deleted my work on the computer.

🟩 Dictation

1. We went to the theme park with Uncle Tom.

2. There was a loud clap of thunder which made the cows stampede.

3. The telephone was so old it was obsolete.