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Week 24 il

Learning Intention

To understand the ‘schwa’ as a swallowed or neutral vowel sound often found in unstressed syllables.

To identify the schwa ‘il’ in a list of words.



Identify the schwa in each of the following words.


                                          private, method, focus, coward, mirror, interest


Blend and sound out the words, saying the schwas in their pure form to help remember the spelling.

Main Learning

Remember when multisyllabic words end in ‘ool’  this unstressed syllable can be spelt in several ways: lealel, and il. This is because the vowel is a schwa.


As there is no rule for which one to use, so the spelling must be learnt.


Complete the spelling list activities in your literacy book.

Use the learning apps games to practise.


Complete Spelling sheet 24

Unscramble the letters and add them to <il> On the pencils make words from the spelling list.

Match the personal pronoun to each picture.

Dictation with your teacher.

Write out the following sentences, remember that ‘April’ is a proper noun and needs a capital letter..

1. The scientists examined the massive fossil.

2. April drew an evil weevil.

3. We took our gerbil to the animal hospital.


Parse the sentence, identify the subject and choose the correct tense.

The pupil is drawing carefully inside the stencil with a green pencil.