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Week 12

Learning Intention

🟢 Revise the soft <c>, soft <g>, and <tch> spellings

     Identify the short vowel sound before <dge
🟠 Know how to spell each of my ten words.

     Use each word to write a sentence.




Look at these words. Blend and sound each one out.


snitch, hatch, orange, circle, twice, angler 


Main Learning

Lets say these words

ridge, dodge, fudge, badge, hedge


Notice the short vowel in front of <dge>.



🟢 Activity Identify the short vowel sound before in your spelling list.

🟠 Activity

Extension work

🟩 Dictation


1. We had fun in the snow playing on our sledge.

2. I saw a hedgehog hiding under the hedge.

3. The sledgehammer was very big and heavy.


🟧 Listen and write

1. A witch wears a hat.

2. The bird lives in the hedge.

​​​​​​​3. I can match the pictures.