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Week 22 al

Learning Intention

To understand the ‘schwa’ as a swallowed or neutral vowel sound often found in unstressed syllables.

To identify the schwa ‘al’ in a list of words.



Identify the schwa in each of the following words.


panda, button, cactus, sugar, actor, pattern

Main Learning

Revise the ‘le’ spelling, which comes at the end of multisyllabic words, and sounds something like ‘óol’.

Clap the words candle, simple and puzzle.

Now try these words total, camel, pencil

Notice that these words ending in al, el and il  have the same ‘óol’ sound as ‘le’


As there is no rule for which one to use the spelling must be learnt.


The suffix ‘al’ can be added to nouns to make adjectives like ‘bridal’ but not all words ending in ‘al’ are adjectives.

Remember that few words in English end in v. If the word ends in a v sound it is likely to spelt ‘ve’


Complete the spelling list activities in your literacy book.

Use the learning apps game to practise definitions.


Complete Spelling sheet 22

Write the correct possessive adjective to complete each sentence.



Write out the following sentences, using the correct punctuation, including speech marks and capital letters for proper nouns.


1. She accidentally broke the crystal vase.

2. They listened for the animals in total silence.

3. ‘The festival was terrifically busy!’ exclaimed Ray.


Parse the sentence, identify the subject and choose the correct tense.