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Week 17 ‘ive’ for ‘iv’

Learning Intention

To understand the ‘schwa’ as a swallowed or neutral vowel sound often found in unstressed syllables.

To identify the schwa in a list of words.



Identify the schwa in each of the following words.


magazine,  carrot,   success,   standard,  motor,  interrupt

Main Learning

Revise the se spelling of the s sound and the ve spelling of the v sound which usually come at the end of a word.

Remember that few words in English end in v. If the word ends in a v sound it is likely to spelt ‘ve’


Can you give some examples?

Complete the spelling list activities, going over the meaning of any unfamiliar words.

Focus on the soft g sound in ‘ imaginative’

How in ‘ive’ words, preceding vowel has a long sound as in motive, explosive,elusive, and exclusive.

This does not happen in the word positive or in words ending with ative, like negative.Instead these vowels have become schwas. It will be easier to learn the spelling if you say them ‘as they sound’ emphasising the pure vowel.


Complete Spelling sheet 17

Look at the word in each mirror. Think of a word that means the opposite (antonyms)

Parse the sentence, identify the subject and choose the correct tense.