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Investigate numbers exactly divisible by 3

Learning Intentions

To revise the terms factor and multiple

To identify patterns of divisibilty through investigating 3, 4,or 5 digit numbers.

To use multiplication and division as inverse operations to check responses.

To use a calculator to check responses for larger numbers.



What is an even number?

What is an odd number?
What is a prime number?

What is a composite number?


Look at the equation below, Can you identify the difference between a factor and a multiple?

Main learning

Use your multiplication square.

What are the first 10 multiples of 2 

Do they all end in an even number?


What are the first 10 multiples of 5

What are the last digits? Is there a pattern?

What are the first 10 multiples of 3?


There is a pattern here also. Can you figure it out?




Is 123 divisible by 3?

How would you check?