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Week 13 -tion

Learning intention

1. To revise prefixes, which are one or more syllables added at the beginning of a word to change or add meaning.


      post- ( after/behind).               mega- (great)

      cent(i)- (hundred),                    micro- ( small)     

      milli- (thousand)                      auto- (self)

      super- (above/beyond).          multi- ( many/ more than one)


Discuss how the prefix modifies the meaning.


Main Learning

Let’s discuss the <-tion> spelling of /shun/ in words like ‘station’ and ‘relation’.

Notice that <ti>is making the sh sound and that <o> has lost its pure sound and has become a schwa.

Let’s look at how the suffix <-tion>is often added to verbs to make nouns.The meaning of these new words is often the result of what the verb does

Eg ‘infection’ is the result of being infected

     ‘production’ is the result when something is produced.


Look at these two words. The <ti> sounds like /ch/ as opposed to /sh/


suggestion           conversation

Now let look at our spelling list.


1. A section of the Renaissance painting is in poor condition.

2. Did I mention my suggestion to have a competition?

3. “You have a post-operative infection,” remarked the doctor.