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Week 6 Syllables

Learning Intentions

To know that words are made up of units of sound called ‘syllables’

To know that a compound word is made up of two or more shorter words joined together.



What type of word is this


Suggest more examples of compound words.

e.g. greenhouse, fireman ……………


Copy the table into your literacy book. Add more examples.


2 syllables3 syllables





Main learning

Understanding syllables can help us to spell words more easily.

A syllable is a unit of sound that contains a vowel.


Write these compound words and underline the vowel sound in each syllable

greenhouse = green / house

fireman =

dragonfly =


Sometimes a syllable is not a whole word. 
Lokk at this word   unkind

How many syllables? 

Reast your chin on the back of your hand and slowly say the word unkind. Each time you say a vowel sound your chin goes down. This is a useful way to work out how many syllables are in a word.


Practise with these words.

wish/ing   thank/ful


What is this word? disagree

write it into your literacy book and divide it into syllables dis/ a/ gree.


Do the same with seventeen, handkerchief, waterfall, flowerpot and hamburger.


How many syllables does this word have?  

This is a monosyllabic word which means it only has one syllable, and cannot be split any further.
What is the vowel sound?

Is it long or short?


​​​​​​​What about the word seed?