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Week 31 Prefix Pre-

Learning Intentions

Know that prefixes are one or more syllables added at the beginning of a word to change or add meaning.

Understand that the prefix ‘Pre’ means before


Look at these words, identify the prefixes, and how they modify the meaning.


Unhappy (not)

Descend (down)

Dismount (undo)

Miscount (wrongly)

Improper (not)

Nonsense (not)

Recycle ( again)


Main Learning


Can you think of some words that begin with the prefix ‘pre’?

e.g. prepare, predict, prevent


What do the letters ‘Pre’ mean at the beginning of a word.

it means ‘ before

if you predict it means you guess something will happen before it does

if you are prepared it means you are ready for something before it happens


The word prefix means fixed before the root word.

Lets look at the spelling list and identify the prefix and discuss unfamiliar words.


Spelling Sheet 31

Complete the exercise writing a sentence with the words. Suggest a word with each prefix.

Parse the sentence using the correct colours.


1. They prepared to ascend the majestic mountain.

2. The cyclists had not predicted the abysmal weather.

3. Prehistoric creatures preceded our modern animals.