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Week 30 <-i>

Learning Intentions

To revise words with <-cial> and <-tial> making the /shul/ sound.



Look at these words. Identify the /shul/ sound in each.

facial, torrential, essential, glacial, potential, initial.



Copy and complete the table above into your literacy book. Add some of your own.


Main Learning


Look at the word        ski

This is a Norwegian word. Our spelling words this week are borrowed from other languages and used in English. Answer these questions in your literacy book.

Which words come from Italian? ( usually food words)

Which words are Japanese?

Which word is From Maori?

Safari is arabic

Yeti comes from Tibetan 

Alibi comes from Latin 

Deli is short for Delicatessen and comes from German.

Bikini is named after a Pacific island.



Spelling List 

Notice the double consonants in the Italian words eg pepperoni, the silent letters in tsunami and spaghetti.


1. The film star took a taxi to avoid the paparazzi.

2. The visitors were captivated by the Japanese bonsai trees.

3. “Would like pepperoni pizza or spaghetti tonight?”  asked dad.