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Week 5 Antonyms

Learning intention: Develop the children’s understanding of ‘ opposites’, which are words with the opposite meaning to other words, and introduce the term antonym.


What is a thesaurus?

Understand that many prefixes and some suffixes can be used to create synonyms.


e.g. un-,in-, and non- not
       de-, dis- mean undo or remove

       mis- means ‘wrongly’ or ‘not’
       ex- means ‘out’ or ‘away from’

 -less and -ful make adjectives with the opposite meaning, either’ without’ something or ‘ full’ of it.

How many antonyms can you find for the word ‘big’? 

Success Criteria

(Mild) I can rewrite sentences, replacing underlined words with its opposite.

(Hot)I can find the opposites of words (Antonyms), both orally in class discussion, and in my written tasks,

(Spicy) I an select sentences relating to current topics and create my own sentences for my learning partner to rewrite with an antonym.