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Week 25 Suffix -ery

Learning Intention

To revise  the ‘schwa’ as a swallowed or neutral vowel sound.It is the most common vowel sound in the English language.



Look at these words and identify the spelling for the <ool> sound.

April  level  tranquil  several  tunnel  plural

Main Learning

Introduce the suffix <-ery> which makes nouns that can mean

A place  A practice or occupation A quality or characteristic  A state or condition
bakery archery bravery slavery
nursery  butchery    misery


Notice from your spelling list how the ‘e’ is unstressed, and therefore difficult to hear the difference between words that end in <-ary> or <-ery>.


Words like very and every are not part of this group they just happen to be spelt this way

also flowery is simply an adjective formed by adding y to the noun.


Remember there is no rule so the spelling must be learnt. A dictionary will help you spell the word correctly.


Complete the spelling list activities in your literacy book. Circle the double consonants.

Use the learning apps games to practise definitions.


Complete Spelling sheet 25

Finish the sentences by inserting the correct word.

write an <-ery> word for each of the root words


Dictation with your teacher.

Write out the following sentences, using the correct punctuation, including speech marks and capital letters.


1. The children from St. Patrick’s P.S. liked the pottery in the gallery.

2. ‘Did you cancel the delivery?’ asked Elena.

3. They keep barrels of flour at the bakery.

Noun, Verb, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Prepositions
Parse this sentence, underlining each part of speech in the correct colour.



We looked hungrily at the confectionery in the bakery window.