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Chapter 6 Follow the river

Learning Intentions

To engage in sustained independent reading of chapter 6.

To identify key characters and dramatise their spoken parts.

To summarise the chapter in a short paragraph.

To visualise a significant aspect of the chapter.

To compose and respond to effective questions on the text.

Under the hawthorn tree Ch6.mp3

Dictionary work

Lichen = _______________

stagnant = ______________

granite = ________________

edible= _________________
1. Why was Michael eager to cross the river?

2. What did Peggy collect on her way?

3. What happened to Michael’s leg?

4. What did Eily use to treat Michael’s leg?

5. Why could they not eat the rabbit?

6. How did they catch the young rabbit?

7. Why do you think Peggy punched Michael in the chest when he caught the rabbit?