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Week 20 -ure

Learning Intentions

To identify and suggest other words which have the /shun/ sound.

To know that <-tion> can also say /chun/.

To know that <-sion> can say /zhun/.

To revise transitive and intransitive verbs.

To investigate words with  the <-ture> sound.



Look at these words, 

celebration   electrician    suggestion   version

discussion    dimension    confusion    attention


Copy the grid into your Literacy book and populate with examples.


















Main Learning

What is this sound?    <ure>

Look at these words


                 pure   cure   picture   nature


Use the words above to complete the following sentences in your literacy book.


The words ________ and __________ are monosyllabic.

In the words _________ and __________ the <-ure> sound is preceded by the letter t.

The <-ture> ending in picture and nature sounds like /cher/.

The <t>sounds like /ch/


Can you suggest other words where <-ture> sounds like /cher/?




Some of the words have letters in bold print.Look carefully at these as it will help you to learn the spelling. Copy the following sentences into your literacy book.


The word __________ has a soft g sound.

A long vowel sound <u> can be found in the word _________.

In the word miniature the letter _ is silent.

In the word _____________ the (ch) makes the <k> sound.




Copy and complete in your literacy book


1. He studied Chinese culture and literature at college.

2. The room had a mixture of different styles of furniture.

3. “The superstructure of the building is undamaged,” assured the architect.