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Week 26 Suffix -ary

Learning Intention

To revise  the ‘schwa’ as a swallowed or neutral vowel sound.



Look at these words and identify the spelling for 

hospital  novel   pencil  total  travel  pupil

Main Learning

Introduce the suffix <-ary> that make nouns or adjectives that mean ‘connected with’


Some <-ary> nouns refer to where things are kept, as in diary, library, glossary, or dictionary

Notice from your spelling list how the ‘a’ is unstressed, and therefore difficult to hear the difference between words that end in <-ary> or <-ery>.


Remember there is no rule so the spelling must be learnt. A dictionary will help you spell the word correctly.


Complete the spelling list activities in your literacy book.

Use the learning apps game to practise definitions.


Complete Spelling sheet 26

Put the words in alphabetical order.


Dictation with your teacher.

Write out the following sentences, using the correct punctuation, including speech marks and capital letters.


1. I found a dictionary in the public library.

2. Is the glossary in alphabetical order.

3. ‘Here is your itinerary,’ said the secretary.


Identify the subject, then parse the sentence and the verb.


The boy in the library has a huge vocabulary.