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Week 21 -ible

Learning Intentions

To revise the spelling and pronunciation of words with <-ture> and <-sure>.

To spell and use a selection of words with the suffix<-ible.

To know that <-able> and  <-ible> are suffixes with the same meaning.

To parse a sentence correctly



Read these words. Copy the table into you literacy book and populate with the words below. Work with your partner and suggest other words.

insure   temperature   miniature pure      allure     censure    nature

Main learning

What is the suffix in these adjectives? 
What is the root word? 


breakable         adorable        comfortable


Now look at the word  


The suffixes -able and -ible have the same meaning, they only vary in spelling because of their Latin origin. It is difficult to know which one to use because the vowel is often a schwa.


There are some guiding rules

The suffix - able is more common 

The suffix -ible is more likely to be added to a root word that is not complete.

e.g. In the word visible the ‘vis’ comes from the Latin verb ‘videre’ 

meaning ‘to see’. This can be seen in other English words like

     visor      vision      visual     vista


There may be exceptions so always check your dictionary in you are  unsure.



Parse the sentence below. Write the sentence in your literacy book, colour the parts of speech.


The inedible soup had a horrible taste and smell.


1. It is irresponsible to venture out alone at night.

2. The physician’s handwriting is almost illegible.

3. “This convertible is an incredible automobile!” exclaimed the American.