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Week 20 ‘Silent Letter’ Diagraphs

Learning Intentions

To identify the ‘silent letter’ digraphs.

To accurately spell and know the meaning of the words in my spelling list.


Look at these words. Let’s blend and sound them out.


word      earth       super      fought     active     exotic


Main Learning

Some silent letters often go with a particular letter to form a ‘silent letter’ digraph.

Let’s look at these words. Find the silent letter and the letter that usually accompanies it.

The first few are done for you.


lamb  wrist   knew   what   rhythm   whose   scene   gnu    ghoul   glisten


Notice that in ‘what ‘ the <h> is silent and in ‘whose’ the <w> is silent.

Let’s look at our spelling list 

Notice the schwa ‘ a’ in ascend, the <ck> in ‘wreck’ and ‘ buckle’.

‘wrinkliest’ is a superlative adjective.

Spelling sheet 20