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Week 27 Simple and Compound Sentences

Learning Intention

To know that a sentence with a subject and a verb is called a ‘simple’ sentence.

To know that when two simple sentences are joined together with one of these conjunctions ‘ for, ‘and’, ‘ but’, ‘or’, ‘ yet’ or ‘so’ it is called a compound sentence.



What is a  conjunction?

(usually small words that join parts of a sentence together)

Find some examples of sentences with conjunctions from your reading book.

Let’s revise how to identify a sentence.

It must make sense, start with a capital letter, contain a verb and a subject, end with full stop (statement), question mark (question), or an exclamation mark ( exclamation).

What do we call a group of words that make sense but do not have a verb or subject phrase

Look at these and decide what they are

Look at these sentences.

I went to my friend’s house. We played games.

How could we make this sound better? 

Join together using a conjunction.What else do we need to do?

Now you have a compound sentence.

Write the sentence into your book. Underline the conjunction in purple.


What are the verbs? went and played

Look at this sentence

We went home and played games.