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Week 14 Prepositional Phrases

Learning Intention

To know that a prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition.

To understand that a prepositional phrase makes sense but has no verb or subject.



What is a sentence?

If there is no verb or subject then the group of words is called a phrase.

remember that a noun, together with the words that describe it is called a noun phrase.


Can you think of some examples of noun phrases?

Now turn these phrases into simple sentences by adding a subject and a verb.

Main Learning


Look at these phrases

‘in the park’   ‘on the way’  ‘around the corner’


What do these phrases have in common?

They all start with a preposition followed by a simple noun phrase or pronoun.


Write the phrases into your literacy book. Underline the preposition in green, then draw a green circle around the entire phrase.

You have identified a prepositional phrase.


Give some examples of prepositions. 

Now let’s see if we can change them into prepositional phrases

Be careful with the word ’to’ because when you have ‘to’ followed by a verb it is the infinitive and not a prepositional phrase.