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Week 12 Proofreading


Learning Intentions

To understand the term ‘verb agreement‘

To proof read samples of text.  


Fill in the blanks

Every sentence __________ with a capital letter. All sentences end in either a ________ stop, exclamation _________, or a question ________.


A sentence must contain a subject and a verb.


A sentence can be written in the first, second or third person. The person can be singular or plural.


The first person refers to the author and uses the pronoun ‘I’ for the singular and ‘we’ for the plural.


The second person addresses someone directly with the pronoun ‘you’ for both singular and plural.


The third person refers to someone else and uses the pronouns ‘he/she/it’for the singular and ‘they’ for the plural


Lets conjugate these verbs by filling in the gaps.

Copy into you literacy book

To beTo have
I amI have
You ______You _______
He/she/it __________He/she/it __________
We _________We _________
You ________You ________
They _________They _________





Main Learning

Now we are going to proofread some sentences

Look out for spelling, punctuation and verb agreement.


The verb needs to agree or ( fit with) the subject.

Write out these sentences with the correct word.


Correct the following sentences. What parts need changed and why?


 ‘That cat were chaseing an mous’


 ‘She had droped a pensil onto the picture she will be painting’




Grammar worksheet