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Week 30 Irregular Plurals <-i>

Learning Intentions

To develop understanding of irregular plurals.

To know that some single words make their plural by removing the final letters (us) before adding <-i>. These words have a Latin origin.



What is  a plural?   Most plurals are regular because they can be made following a few simple rules

Write the plurals of these words.


stitch, quiz,kiss,tax,

tomato, torpedo, piano

Berry, cry, volcano

toy, way



Main learning

Some plurals are irregular because they do not follow rules and must be learnt.

Some change the vowel sound in the root word.

What is the plural of these words wolf,wife foot,woman, mouse leaf, sheep


Look at the word ‘ fungus’ what might its plural be? It does not follow a rule. It is a word that comes from Latin.

Other words like octopus and platypus are Greek so their plurals can be made in a regular way.

Write a sentence using the words below

abacus, apparatus, bonus, campus, chorus, circus radius, rhombus, thesaurus, syllabus, terminus


Now change the nouns to their plural form.