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St Patrick's Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More. Journey to Learning

Week 1 s a t i p

Learning Intentions

To revise daily the letter sound S 

To correctly form the target letter above using a proper pencil hold.

To blend the sound to make the spoken word.

To learn the spelling of tricky words.



All words are made up of sounds. There are over 40 sounds in English, but only 26 letters. This means that many sounds are written using more than one letter. For reading children need to be fluent in saying the sounds that go with each letter.


Letter recognition

Letter sound /s/

Lets listen to this story.

It is a sunny day. Iarla takes his dog for a walk. He throws a stick and the dog runs after it. The dog sniffs around in the grass and starts barking. A large, spotty snake is sitting up and hissing. It makes the sound/ sssssssssss/. Iarla grabs the dog and the snake slowly slithers away.


Lets pretend to be snakes, weave your hands in an <s> shape, while making the /ssss/ sound.

Letter Formation

This how we write the /sss/ sound. Make the letter in the air. Can you make it in sand?


Repeat these words slowly

sun, sunny, takes, throws, stick, runs, sniffs, grass, is, starts, spotty, snake, sitting, hissing, grabs.