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Week 27 Suffix -ory

Learning Intention

To revise the suffixes <-ery> and <-ary>



Look at these words and identify the spelling patterns <-ery> and <-ary>, and say stressing the pure vowel sound.

butchery,     ordinary,      stationery,      library,       diary,     scenery

Main Learning

Introduce the suffix <-ory> that adjectives and sometimes nouns that relate to the root word.


eg if something is compulsory, you are compelled to do it.


Some <-ory> nouns refer to places with a certain use, as in


             factory, priory, dormitory, conservatory, observatory  

Let’s sound these words out, stressing the <o> in <ory>

Apart from in the word ‘story’, the <o> in other words ending in <ory> is unstressed and therefore the vowel is a schwa.


Notice from your spelling list how the ‘o’ in <ory> is unstressed so it’s difficult to hear the difference between words that end in <-ary> or <-ery> and <-ory>.


Remember there is no rule so the spelling must be learnt. A dictionary will help you spell the word correctly.


Complete the spelling list activities in your literacy book.

Use the learning apps game to practise definitions.


Complete Spelling sheet 27

Unscramble the words and add them to <ory> to make words from your spelling list.

Identify the subject, then parse the sentence and the verb.


You will be writing a story for your history homework.


Dictation with your teacher.

Write out the following sentences.


1. The factory makes exclusive travel accessories.

2. I read the introductory chapter of the history book.

3. The story has a very unsatisfactory ending.


Extension Activity