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Van Gogh

Who is Vincent Van Gogh?


First things first, Who is Vincent Van Gogh? It is always fun to learn a little art history before starting an art project, so here are a few interesting facts about Vincent Van Gogh.


Vincent Van Gogh was an impressionist painter born in The Netherlands in 1853. He started his art journey quite late in life. Before devoting himself to his art, he worked in a book store, an art gallery, and taught at a London school.


It's believed he only sold one painting while he was alive because no one was interested in his art, but this changed after his death. 


His paintings became famous not just for their overwhelming beauty but also for how different they were. His style revolutionised the art world, and Van Gogh turned into one of the most influential figures in the history of Western art.


His vibrant use of colours and his technique of rough brush strokes with thick layers of paint was remarkably different and new at the time. Using this painting style he created thousands of artworks including many paintings of sunflowers.


He explored different ways to paint sunflowers throughout his life, but he created his most famous Sunflower painting when he was living in the French town of Arles, inspired by the bright and vibrant colours of this countryside town.